Baseball Commissioner: Brian Krieger 

Coach Pitch (ages 5-8, April-July) 

CFABA (ages 9 & up, April-July)


Basketball Commissioner: Dave Mottice 330-618-4162 

(3rd-6th grade, Oct- Feb.)

Bowling Commissioner: Kathy Schneider 330-671-6520 

(K-8th grade, Jan./Feb.)


Cross Country Commissioner: Nate Su

(3rd – 6th grade, Aug – Nov)


Football (Tackle/Flag) Commissioner: Jason Rickenbacher  330-714-6058 

Flag (1st & 2nd grade, Aug.-Oct.)

Tackle (3rd-6th grade, Aug.-Oct.)


Football Cheerleading Commissioner: Emily Burton 330-283-6299 

(3rd-6th grade, Aug. – Oct.)


Soccer Commissioner: Jim Yanock  330-256-8548  

(Ages 3-5 & K-8th, Fall: Aug.-Oct. & Spring: April-June & Indoor: Nov. – March)


Softball Commissioner: Dan Schneider  330-607-0314  

 (4th – 12th grade, May-July)


Volleyball Commissioner: Judy Montecalvo  330-472-3042 

(4th-6th grade, March & April)


Wrestling Commissioner: Jon Hampshire  330-657-2611

(2nd – 6th grade, Nov.-Feb.)


Watch for registration notices throughout the year for each program or contact the
specific commissioner for details.
PARENTS: If you want to get involved or be considered as a WRA Board member, please contact
John Schneider (President) at 330-945-7169 or contact one of the above commissioners.

President – John Schneider

Vice President – Jason Rickenbacher

Treasurer – Lori Huntsman

Secretary – Lori Dever